Who we are

SustChem Engineering is a “living” organism that offers services, surrounded by high-level scientists and which has gained the capability of responding on the constantly changing framework of companies’ operation. We constantly invest on the evolution of our employees’ cognitive skills, as it’s the only way in order to monitor not only the constant changes but also to reassure our quality.

Since the first decade of 2000, European Union has developed a legislative web that aims to protect the health and the environment, while at the same time it boosts the competition of European businesses. We observe the constant developments and have as our primary goal the information of our customers, while we suggest solutions for the timely and complete compliance and we urge them to take voluntary initiatives. We offer a wide range of services that concern industry, starting from the basic and detailed planning, the licensing of operation and the implementation of management systems, up to energy saving, protection of the environment and its products’ certification. We develop the culture of a complete and designed handling of challenges, according to each customer’s demands and special characteristics.


Our philosophy

Having experience, knowledge, expertise and innovative thinking, we give solutions to the daily needs of our clients. We adjust our knowledge and experience to the special needs of a company and the field’s particularities where it is active. We investigate the new demands and objects that emerge, by creating value and building a long term trust relationship with our clients.

Our competitive advantages

  • Development of a corporate support culture regardless of the size
  • Stable network of specialized coworkers
  • Equipment with up-to-date computers, software, laboratory measurement equipment for the coverage of every need
  • Development of international cooperation
  • On site visit of our coworkers for the review of our assigned subjects
  • Trust relationships with the Competent Authorities
  • Customer support in case of an audit
  • Deep knowledge of the subjects related to chemical safety and international legislation
  • Consultative services on subjects that we deal with

Our history



Integration of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers into the company’s executive staff. Inclusion of new services in our clientele, such as the documentation of biocides and agrochemical products, the development of pharmacovigilance systems, the provision of energy saving and energy production services from Renewable Energy. Conduct of many educational seminars all over the country concerning the subjects: The CLP European Regulation for mixtures, The European Regulation of Biocides (BPR), transport of dangerous goods, SEVEZO III Directive etc.

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Implementation of quality and environmental management systems and Certification of the company based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Investment in the market of modern environmental and energy measures equipment, innovative planning packages and software: facilities design, pollutant dispersion, assessment of an industrial accident results, cycle of life analysis and carbon footprint measurement. Admission to the market of biofuels and bioliquids certification, certification of our coworkers as Auditors.



Inclusion of READ project to LIFE program of the E.U. for consumer safety in chemicals’ use, such as building paints.



Cooperation with the SAP Company as National experts for hazard communication for Greece and Cyprus. Preparation for the implementation of CLP Regulation 1272/2008, conduct of educational seminars.



Expansion to new subjects, such as the facilities design, the documentation of substances based on the REACH Regulation 1907/2006, special legislation of chemical products (detergents, cosmetics, fertilizers, etc.), issuance of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in many European languages, inclusion of investments at financial programs and projects monitoring.



Establishment of the company by Chemical Engineers Panagiotis Braimiotis and Panos Scarlatos. Settlement at the offices of 144 3rd September in Athens and manning with the chemical scientists and Chemical Engineers. The initial services that our company covered, were: the conduct of Environmental Impact Studies, the licensing of industries’ operation, SEVEZO studies, the implementation of REACH Regulation 1907/2006 and the horizontal chemical legislation, the provision of consultant services regarding the dangerous goods transport.