SustChem Institute

The Institute of Vocational Training of SustChem, or otherwise SustChem Institute, was created with the scope of offering targeted vocational training to business executives, through the conduct of seminars and webinars.
By transferring the most up to date knowledge, as well as the appropriate methodologies and practices, it contributes to the development of knowledge and the creation of an added value to the businesses.

Indicatively, the subjects of the seminars offered by SustChem are mentioned below:

CLP Regulation, (EC) 1272/2008 for the classification and labelling of chemical products
Issuance of Safety Data Sheets
Legislation of Biocidal
Legislation of Cosmetics
Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR, IMDG, IATA)
Safety & Hygiene
Sustainable Development
ISO & CE MARK Management Systems
Training of businesses personnel concerning pharmacovigilance matters.

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