Funding Programs & Project Management

Funding programs are basically a form of external financial aid and aim to current and new businesses that wish to develop new technologies and innovations, to modernize their production, to produce new products or services, to increase their productive vigor, etc.  The funding criteria, although they differ per case, concern in general: issues of accurate / legal operation of a company, sustainability of the investment, experience of businesses’ shareholders and employees regarding the investment subject, the innovation grade that is introduced with the suggested investment plan, the protection of the environment, the energy saving and the new work positions that are created by investment etc.

The services that SustChem Engineering offers, include:

Basic planning of the investment– project, selection of the proper funding tool
Pro-assessment of the proposal based on the grading criteria
Composition – justification and submission of the funding proposal accompanied with the relevant business plan
Monitoring and guidance of the implementation of the investment until the final payout of the respective subsidy

The main funding tools in which our company is specialized are:  

See here the catalog of the current and expected NSRF programs.