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About us
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SUSTCHEM Engineering was founded in 2007 by the Chemical Engineers Panagiotis Braimiotis and Panos Scarlatos. The vision of the founders is to provide complete and integrated services to enterprises towards the challenge of sustainable growth in the globalized environment.
The Company is a member of the Hellenic Association Chemical Industries (HACI) and has adopted the Responsible Care initiative.

Our Philosophy

In a globalized environment full of challenges there are plenty opportunities for those who will:

  • adapt and produce products that during their life cycle will affect as little as possible the environment
  • operate their facilities safely for the workers and the environment
  • save natural resources and in general minimize the negative repercussion towards environment

This development, known as sustainable development, will help enterprises to co-exist in harmony with the local communities.

Enterprises are called to attend and adapt to the strict and continuously evolving legislation of the European Union, even at a great cost for them. SUSTCHEM Engineering provide services in such a way that the enterprises benefit from complying with the sustainable development‘s principles. The key pillars that affect the environmental efficiency and competitiveness of an enterprise are:

  • The planning during the installation phase (general positioning of equipment and design of process)
  • The extensive knowledge of the production process and their possible impact on the environment, so that suitable methods which will have the best results and will be economically viable and technically acceptable are found. The quality of the Environmental Risk Assessment is of great importance if the enterprise is to operate without the risk of paying compensation for environmental pollution.
  • The evaluation of the proposed technologies and materials that are being used so that proper safety measures are taken in order to avoid labor accidents and facility damages.
  • The continuous improvement in the fields of safety, hygiene and environmental efficiency. Responsible Care, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001, EMAS) are the tools for achieving those goals.
  • Assessment of the danger of products and the development of alternative solutions so that the repercussions on the customer and the environment are minimized. Green Chemistry principles are the tools to achieve this goal.
  • The promotion of eco friendly products with the minimum impact during their life cycle.
  • The waste management assessment, and the finding of ways to minimize and reuse.